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1. Baby Reni

Front view of Baby Reni event at Snacks.

Baby Reni grew up, cleared out her studio and moved to her own place — but all the merchandise and works she’s designed and hoarded seem to be following her around like Totoro’s dust bunnies: leaving traces of thread, dust and whatever else in the spaces she passed through. “Clearout Snacc” offers you access to some of the latest/dearest/forgotten/worn out tidbit(e)s of her physical archive. Come and dig in!

Baby Reni (Irene Ha) is a Vietnamese-Dutch multidisciplinary artist whose work is rooted in researching and questioning the relationship between her heritage and her online life. Working through archiving IRL and URL, she mimics not only the textures of the internet, but also the textures of her grandmother’s dearest traditional dresses.

To thank Baby Reni for being our first guest at Snacks we made her this hoodie using Jim’s signature acetone transfer technique. It features the product photography of all 8 slots from the opening night on 2 September 2021.