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3. ~reclame~ invites AVOIDSTREET

Opening night of our second opening with Lisa Sudhibhasilp and Eduardo Léon

With Kapsalon, AVOIDSTREET plays the field between fast food and slow culture — each one influencing the other. Much like sportswear entering high fashion, the iconic Rotterdam snack is on its way to becoming national heritage. AS navigates between traditions and values, shifting trivialities into trendy aesthetics. The Kapsalon uniform has to be worn for excessive dancing under artificial lights and running until the first beads of sweat give way to exhaustion.

AVOIDSTREET is a multi-disciplinary design practice that fuses fashion, graphic design, and performance in a rhizomatic way. AS focuses on showing the beauty of the banal and projecting ‘high-gloss luxury’ onto the everyday. Initiated by Eduardo León, Peruvian-Italian graphic designer and artist based in Amsterdam.

For this presentation, Snacks joins forces with reclame. reclame is a project space initiated by artist Lisa Sudhibhasilp that physically limits itself to a street advertisement board. Artists and designers are invited to react to this peculiar presentation context, the display conditions and the public of walkers-consumers. reclame is interested in practices that challenge the culture of advertisement and the notion of merchandise. 

To thank Lisa and Eduardo we engraved this umbrella.