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4. Robuche

Front view of Robuche event at Snacks.

A food vending machine composed of eight compartments. One pack per compartment. Eight packs, wrapped in cloth, each one consisting of a knife and an object.

Three meters away, in a display case, there is a poster with eight sections. Eight independent images. A knife and an object. The knife as the beginning of the narrative, the object as a mcguffin, a plot piece that develops a story.

Window Chopped is an experiment with the language of persuasion through images.

How do you tell the story of an object of desire that you cannot see? From its technical aspect, its main function? How to communicate a merchandise that you cannot smell, touch, taste?

Playing with the poster as a persuasive graphic format per excellence and the display case as a mediation device for attention and consumption, Robuche stages the 8 design objects turned into consumer objects, or vice versa. By referring to their symbolic value or their ability to generate a narrative for their own use, the objects become fragments of a possible narrative. Frame 2345 from a science fiction movie that never existed or the third box on page 33 of a lost comic.

We drove through Las Vegas, a sign took us to Hawaii being in the Mojave Desert.

The observer is always interpreting what he sees: an image can be read indefinitely without ever really being seen.