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8. Collect4Ukraine & UZVAR Collective

Front view of Vechirka, Ukraine fundraiser event

Russian aggression puts in danger the lives of Ukrainian people, animals, land and cultural heritage. With open hearts and raised fists our firm goal is to help those affected by the war — those who stayed and those who found refuge in other countries. Our vision is independent and thriving democracy and freedom in Ukraine. Our practice — direct support responding to specific needs.

We are a group of Ukrainians and internationals volunteering and collecting money to provide humanitarian aid, sponsor water deliveries to occupied zones of Ukraine, support animal shelters, buy basic supplies e.g. helmets or tactical clothing for our friends and relatives who selflessly defend Ukraine on the frontline. 

Vechirka (in Ukrainian: an evening party) is a fundraising event during which you can enjoy and buy art made by our friends, sway to the music, and appreciate snacks — all proceeds will be distributed for help for those suffering due to war. 

Inside the snack machine is a collection of postcards by Stefaniia Bodnia, which reflect stories told by the artist’s mother, whom escaped the Russian occupation and bombardment of Mariupol, her home town. Lenticular postcards were chosen to capture the liminality faced by people displaced by war, who fluctuate between personal and collective, trauma and hope.

Thank you for participating in this event and thank you for supporting Ukraine.